Green Sorption Media for Nutrient Removal and Recovery

Technology #34382

Key Points

  • Aluminum-based green environmental media (AGEM) mixes for water treatment
  • Opens a new window of nutrient removal and recovery for possible reuse, especially for ammonia and phosphate, in various applications


The University of Central Florida invention includes two aluminum-based green environmental media (AGEM) compositions (aluminum and tire crumb differences). The mixes exhibit elevated phosphate absorption and total nitrogen (including ammonia) removal. These filtration media have applications for the co-treatment of stormwater runoff, wastewater effluent, and agricultural discharge.


  • AGEM are green, cost-effective, environmentally benign
  • Can be used for water treatment at the regional and urban scale as well as emergency response during hazardous events such as harmful algal blooms
  • Sustainable solution

Market Application

  • Recovery of phosphate for reuse
  • Treatment or co-treatment of stormwater runoff, wastewater effluent and agricultural discharge to remove nitrogen and phosphorus