New Formulation for Removing PCB-Contaminated Materials

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The new UCF AMTS/NMTS System safely removes PCB-contaminated building materials and leaves structures intact.
Cherie Yestrebsky, Ph.D.
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Safe, Odor-Neutral Paste Removes Toxins from Paint and Concrete While Leaving Structures Intact

A UCF researcher has developed a new formulation for remediating halogenated compounds, such as toxic polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs), that maintains a paste structure without requiring a covering or sealant and excludes offensive odor materials. This new formulation still maintains an environment where the PCBs can be 1) degraded within the paste or 2) the paste can be used to extract PCBs from the building materials, removed, and either treated with the active metal for degradation of PCBs, or sent for incineration or landfill. The new formulation consistently extracts PCBs from the bulk of concrete materials as deep as 6 inches and treatment can occur within the paste when Mg particles are included or after extraction when Mg particles can be added.


  • Cost-effective, non-toxic, odor-neutral
  • Maintains efficacy for extended periods without coverings or sealants


Pastes, sprays or paints to remove/degrade PCBs in caulking and masonry

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