New Local Anesthetic Solution Minimizes Injection-Related Pain and Extends Limited Lidocaine Supplies

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Improved Lidocaine Formulation Minimizes Pain at Injection Site While Maintaining Effectiveness

Administered in more than 1 million cutaneous surgeries per year, local anesthesia injections are viewed as a very painful part of minor surgery. Additionally, the lidocaine for such formulations is in short supply. In response to these issues, UCF researchers have developed a new lidocaine/epinephrine formulation. The UCF invention uses 10 times less lidocaine than the current standard solution of 1 percent, yet maintains its efficacy and is significantly less painful when injected.

Technical Details

The invention consists of an anesthetic solution of 0.1 percent lidocaine, along with epinephrine, saline and a buffering agent.


  • Uses lower concentration of lidocaine compared to current formulations
  • Can reduce toxicity risk and pharmacological expenses


  • Cutaneous surgery
  • Intravenous catheter insertion
  • Nerve blocks
  • Tumescent anesthesia

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