Laser Arrays that are Faster, Flexible, and Efficient

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A solid state V-type laser resonator in which a rod is placed in one of the pump cavities shown and the pump source is an array of diode bars.
Michael Bass Ph.D.
Ying Chen, Ph.D.
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Patent Protection

Pump cavities for diode laser array pumped laser rods

US Patent 8,320,425 B1

New pump cavity design adds stability and efficiency

UCF researchers have developed a method of rapidly changing a pump source in a laser system that provides flexibility and saves valuable time. When modifying the laser array, this new design allows for rapidly adapting the laser to changes in temperature in any environment. The design increases stability and reliability during mechanism shifts necessary for peak efficiency, which can be automated by a sensor, preserving delicate resonator alignment and cutting downtime. From single watts to hundreds of watts of output, this pump cavity design functions over a wide range of output powers. You can now use this simple pump cavity to replace currently-marketed complex diode pumped laser designs at a reduced price and with convenient configurations, boosting your laser’s efficiency to as high as 81%.

Technical Details

Pump cavities in lasers collect light from the pump source and deliver it to the gain medium where it is absorbed to power the laser. While diode lasers are excellent pump sources, the light can diverge and be hard to get into the gain medium. Old designs had reflecting surfaces which were either specular, providing high pump efficiency but poor uniformity, or scattering, providing good uniformity but low pump efficiency. The patented new design optimizes light behavior with a house shaped cross section called a roof top cavity, which employs a mixture of specular and scattering surfaces to achieve both uniform pumping and efficiency, improving the function of your laser. Previous pump cavity designs required re-alignment of the solid state laser resonator when the diode laser array needed to be altered, costing substantial time. This new pump cavity works with commercially-available diode laser arrays and can be configured to automate the rapid interchangeability of the pump source.


  • Automates rapid change of the diode laser array pump source
  • Boosts laser uniformity and efficiency
  • Works in any environment
  • Operates over a range of temperatures
  • Functions over a range of output powers
  • Minimize downtime


  • Commercial lasers
  • Military lasers used in the field for designation and ranging