Safely Remove Tough Stains: For Commercial and Residential Use

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A schematic representation of the composition film applied to the surface of an oil stain occurring on a substrate
Nazim Muradov, Ph.D.
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Patent Protection

Method for masking and removing stains from rugged solid surfaces

US Patent 7,358,218 B2

Method for masking and removing stains from rugged solid surfaces

US Patent 7,375,069 B2

Conceal stains instantly while using natural elements to dissolve them over time.

UCF researchers have developed an eco-friendly solution for cleaning stubborn stains on rugged porous surfaces including concrete, stone, brick, wood, and many more. Strong enough for industrial use and easy enough for residential use, the method requires no special equipment or elaborate preparation techniques. The residential and commercial cleaning products market is growing and seeing pressure to replace less environmentally-friendly products, carving a niche for innovative products with the potential for higher profits based on positive customer perception. Many surface stains remain unavoidable through exposure, use, and environmental effects. In spite of this, staining can convey that buildings, roads, parking lots and other such surfaces are rundown and dirty, giving the impression of carelessness. Conventional remedies fall short of what’s now possible: an easy and environmentally-friendly way to immediately hide stains while ambient light works to remove the stains.

Technical Details

This new solution uses the oxidative reaction of specific photocatalysts with natural elements to thoroughly degrade tough stains (grease, soil, rust, paint, etc.) even in hard-to-reach micro-crevices of porous surfaces, with one treatment. The photocatalysts are effective in the presence of natural and artificial light. During this process, a pigment in the composition hides the disappearing stain by blending it into the untouched surroundings. An immediate masking effect is observed after just one application, and removal of the stain is continuous over a period of time. In addition, reagents in this proprietary composition are inexpensive, widely available, and safe to humans, animals and the ecosystem.


  • Indoor and outdoor use
  • Eco-friendly
  • Works on vertical surfaces
  • No need to wash or scrub
  • Potentially anti-fungal for mold-related stains


  • Removes: lube oil, grease, soil, rust, paint
  • Works on: concrete, stone, stucco, brick, ceramic, wood