Method For Zero Emission Liquid Hydrogen Production From Methane Sources and Landfill Gas

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shows a concept of the cryogenic LH2 production process of the present invention
Cunping Huang, Ph.D.
Nazim Muradov, Ph.D.
Ali Raissi, Ph.D.
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Raju Nagaiah
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Method for zero emission liquid hydrogen production from methane and landfill gas

US Patent 7,332,146 B1

Invention gives manufacturers a clean method for producing liquid hydrogen without emitting carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.

UCF researchers have invented an efficient way to produce liquid hydrogen (LH2) from natural gases and landfill gas (methane) while keeping carbon dioxide out of the earth’s atmosphere. As the earth’s supply of fossil fuels continues to shrink, and unhealthy levels of greenhouse gases fill the atmosphere, the need for clean, alternative fuels becomes more apparent. 

One viable alternative is hydrogen fuel, yet it still requires a more efficient, cost-effective production process. Conventional liquid hydrogen production from natural gas consists of three steps, and the process has only 60 to 70 percent efficiency with a low hydrogen recovery rate of 85 percent. Additionally, the process has a high CO2 to H2 ratio (11.8kg of CO2 produced per 1kg of H2). In comparison, the new invention combines hydrogen production and liquefaction into a single process with greater than 85 percent efficiency and 100 percent of H2 recovery. The invention produces liquid hydrogen directly from methane-containing gases and is highly purified (99.9999%).

Technical Details

The invention comprises cryogenic systems, methods and devices for producing liquid hydrogen directly from a variety of methane sources, such as natural gas and landfill gas, and zero emissions into the atmosphere. Included in the invention are plant designs for liquid hydrogen production that combine hydrogen production and liquefaction into a single process to produce liquid hydrogen directly via methane-containing gases. Besides producing high-purity liquid hydrogen, the innovative process can also co-produce highly pure, solid carbon and liquid carbon dioxide as by-products for industrial application.


  • Single step liquid H2 production process is more than 85 percent efficient and approximately 100 percent efficient in H2 recovery.
  • Ability to capture CO2 in liquid form for industrial applications.


  • Liquid hydrogen production
  • Aerospace industry
  • Energy storage for hydrogen fuel cell cars

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