Cobalt- and Nickel-Free Cathode for Lithium-Ion Batteries Can Outperform Existing Cathode Materials

Technology #2022-013

Key Points

  • A nickel-free and cobalt-free cathode for a lithium (Li)-ion battery
  • Achieves high energy density and good thermal stability
  • May resolve supply issues while remaining cost competitive


The University of Central Florida invention is a cobalt- and nickel-free lithium-ion cathode with good thermal stability and can achieve a high cell voltage and specific capacity comparable to or exceeding currently used Li(NiCoMn)O2 cathodes. This new cathode chemistry eliminates metal supply issue concerns. It also lowers the cost of the batteries, particularly for electric vehicle (EV) applications, where the battery cost is a significant amount of the total cost.


  • Similar or better performance compared to existing cathode material
  • Lower costs
  • Enables the sustainable production of batteries without risk to world cobalt supplies

Market Application

  • Electric vehicles, portable electronics
  • Applications that require high capacity, long cycle lifetimes, and low cost