Intelligent Digital Interruption Management

Technology #2021-108

Key Points

  • System that coordinates and integrates the timing and form of interruptions (interrupts) made on playback or generation of time sequential digital media
  • Considers various factors, for example, the point in a story/plot line or the phrasing of a song, to help facilitate a context-sensitive interrupt


The University of Central Florida invention comprises systems and methods for detecting and coordinating interruptions of the playback or generation of time-sequential digital media. Examples of such media include previously recorded digital video/audio stored on the device, previously recorded digital movies/audio streamed from remote servers (over the Internet), and interactive digital imagery/audio synthesized on the device such as with a computer graphics processor and a game engine. Examples of interruptions include notifications initiated from the device, for example, an incoming email or phone call, and external events related to other individuals or the environment. The timing and form of the interruptions could be "intelligently" coordinated with the playback or generation of time-sequential digital media, such as the immersive virtual reality experience.


  • System helps to better time interruptions so that a user does not miss information or part of an experience
  • Could be used to prioritize interruptions so that their timing and form adapt to the level of urgency
  • Can make technology more “invisible” to users, offering a smoother (coordinated, context-sensitive, diegetic) preferred interruption experience

Market Application

  • Smartphones and tablets
  • Virtual and augmented reality devices and general-purpose computers