CD25-Targeted IL-2 for Treating Viral Infections and Boosting Memory CD4 T Cell Formation

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Tara Strutt, Ph.D.
Karl Kai McKinstry, Ph.D.
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Key Points

  • Combination cytokine (interleukin-2) and monoclonal antibody form a complex (IL-2C) that can be used as a therapeutic during acute respiratory infection
  • Ability to engage multiple immune mechanisms at once and boost memory CD4 T cell formation
  • Can be used at later stages of viral infection when other countermeasures are ineffective


The University of Central Florida invention relates to the development of a new use for the interleukin‐2 (IL‐2) cytokine antibody complex, JES6 IL‐2C, for the treatment of acute respiratory viral infections. The IL‐2 antibody complex targets the IL‐2 to subsets of immune cells based on their expression of a specific subunit of the IL‐2 receptor. Mice infected with the influenza A virus and treated with the IL‐2 antibody complex exhibited a strong immune inflammatory response, reduced lung immunopathology, and improved memory CD4 T Cell formation.


  • Improves formation of immune memory against pathogen
  • Minimizes inflammation‐associated tissue damage and stimulates innate repairprocesses
  • May be applied at later stages of viral infection to improve outcome

Market Application

  • Acute respiratory anti‐viral therapy