Generate High-Fidelity Replicas of Target Objects, Including Physical Behavior

Technology #11468

Key Points

  • A simplified, efficient, and highly accurate additive manufacturing method for generating high-fidelity models of printed objects and replicas
  • Uses path-finding calculations, such as vector fields, vector trails, and texture maps, to form accurate models without requiring complex parameter inputs and calculations from the user
  • Duplicates the physical properties and behavior of target objects as well as their geometry (shape or form)


The University of Central Florida invention describes additive manufacturing methods (such as vector fields to guide the propagation of geometry and properties) to design and construct 3D devices, modules, and assemblies. The devices replicate the motion, manipulation, and control of the target objects. The improvements also detail new methods to design, analyze, optimize, and print functional actuation single-build assemblies that can be used to move, position, cause-effect and manipulate the model or other objects.