Method to Evaluate Chronic Condition Diagnoses in Electronic Medical Records

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Ayan Nasir
Varadraj Gurupur, Ph.D.
Syed Usman Mumtaz
Patent Protection

US Patent Pending

Key Points

  • Chronic Condition Mapping Package (CCMP) tracks chronic condition diagnoses for completeness and accuracy
  • Enables proper staging and management of conditions
  • Helps improve healthcare delivery and reduce costs

The University of Central Florida invention describes a scoring algorithm called Chronic Condition Mapping Package (CCMP). The invention can track chronic condition diagnoses in terms of completeness, consistency, and accuracy relative to established guidelines. There is a need to track chronic condition diagnoses and appropriately determine the staging and management of conditions. This methodology, which can help improve healthcare delivery and reduce costs, is encapsulated within the CCMP with major components, including concept mapping, CSV parsing, and robust mathematical analysis.

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