A Viral Protein Conferring Increased Sensitivity of Cancer Cells to Chemotherapeutic Agents

Technology #34240

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Griffith Parks, Ph.D.
Candace Fox
Patent Protection

Provisional Patent Application Filed

Key Points

  • Well-characterized cytoplasmic protein may increase the susceptibility of a cancer cell to an anti-cancer agent or radiation therapy
  • Delivery of the protein may reduce the emergence of drug-resistant cancer cells


The University of Central Florida invention relates to the development of a combination therapy to increase the sensitivity of cancer cells to chemotherapy. The “sensitizing agent” is a small viral protein known as the V protein. As a feasibility study, expression of the V protein in tissue culture cells increased the sensitivity of cancer cells to a range of chemotherapeutic agents.


  • May reduce the effective chemotherapy dose required to kill cancer cells

Market Application

  • Combination chemotherapy