Novel Carbapenems to Combat Drug-Resistant Mycobacteria

Technology #33910

Key Points

  • C5-substituted carbapenem antibiotics for treating Mycobacterium tuberculosis and non-tubercular mycobacteria
  • Provides improved activity, compared to the antibiotic meropenem in vitro
  • Offers enhanced potency and selectivity, potentially minimizing adverse effects on the microbiome


Researchers at the University of Central Florida and Southern Methodist University have developed novel carbapenem antibiotics that exhibit enhanced activity against drug-resistant strains of mycobacterial species, such as Mycobacterium tuberculosis (Mtb) and Micobacterium abscessus (Mabs). The narrow-spectrum carbapenems selectively target mycobacterial L, D-transpeptidases. In contrast to broad spectrum carbapenem antibiotics, treatment with these carbapenems may have less adverse effects on the microbiome. A structural modification at the C5 position endows the new carbapenems with improved potency and selectivity.


  • Provides improved activity against both Mtb and Mabs compared to the antibiotic meropenem in vitro
  • Potentially minimizes adverse effects on the microbiome, compared to broad-spectrum antibiotics

Market Application

Narrow spectrum antibiotics for treating drug-resistant strains of mycobacterial species