Rapid Drug Identification Kit

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Representation of a mobile phone and a fluorimeter of the portable spectrometer system generating and collecting an emission spectrum of a test strip with an unknown substance in accordance with the present invention.
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A portable spectrometer for the presumptive identification of illicit drugs and substances of abuse

US Patent Pending US-2016-0109371-A1

For drug analysts, it is difficult to identify certain types of drugs. Additionally, the frequency of new drugs introduced is at an alarming rate and this enhances the problem faced by the drug analysts.

To help the drug analysts in the field, there are many reagent kits available to identify certain drugs based on the color they generate when reacted with the reagents. However, the results of these kits depend on the perception of the officers in the field, which leads to high rates of false negatives and positives. For example, PCP and cocaine cannot be distinguished from each other using the color method. Confirmatory tests exist, but they must be conducted in a lab, are more expensive and require special training.


The invention provides a simple, low cost, easy to use drug identification kit. A sample of a suspected drug can be placed on a test paper coated with CuI crystals and then run through the portable spectrometer, such as one attached to a smart phone camera, which generates a unique optical spectrum of each drug. The drug is not affected in anyway allowing it to be used later for further analysis if necessary.

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  • Accurate Results
  • Easy-to-use
  • Portable
  • Low Cost


  • Drug Identification
  • Petroleum Well Analysis
  • Identification of explosives