Obojobo™ - Online Learning Objective Platform for Virtual Classroom

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Easy and intuitive to use, Obojobo™ is UCF’s new online tool that provides a multifaceted interface capable of building, containing, and utilizing instructional components  for the virtual classroom. Basic in structure and rich in media capabilities, these components include innovative help features and assistive guidelines to better support designers and authors throughout the development process.

Obojobo™ has been constructed to be a complete Learning Object platform: the Repository allows users to manage and distribute objects, the Editor allows users to create them, and the Viewer, which is divided into four categories: Learning Objective, Content, Practice, and Assessment, provides the front-end interface for students to begin learning. Learning Objects are designed to represent the smallest possible learning unit, allowing instructors to re-use each Learning Object for a variety of functions within different courses.

Obojobo™ integrates with Instructure's Canvas™, making publishing and retrieving scores a simple process. For users who work in teams, Obojobo™ easily shares modules at all phases of development.

Obojobo’s™ stats and graphs help instructors understand both students and content. Whether a user needs to drill deep into individual experiences or to graph their whole university, this growing analytics suite will keep users informed and help guide their next initiatives.

Learn more at obojobo.ucf.edu