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A powerful new way to deliver interactive games, tools, and study aids, Materia™ is an open learning platform designed to make online learning rich, diverse, and engaging. Developed at The University of Central Florida, Materia™ is now available for any institution to use.

Materia™ comes with a growing library of customizable widgets already installed and integrates into existing environments such as Instructure’s Canvas™. Additionally, Materia’s™ dev kit allows developers to create entirely new widgets easily. With everything automated, users literally can have their own Materia™ servers running in a few easy steps.

With Materia™, instructors can engage and inspire their students in fun and innovative ways with a variety of features such as gameplay mechanics, storytelling, competition, instant feedback, and instant reward systems—all within beautifully designed interfaces that make for great learning experiences.

Learners, teachers, and administrators can all access excellent statistical tools that help to deliver a rewarding educational experience. Materia™ monitors how each widget is being utilized. An instructor can quickly view their students' performance by visually comparing scores and statistics in dynamically rendered charts. Learners are also able see their own progress and measure how they stack up against their peers.

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