Multi-Agent Open Distribution System Simulator

Technology #2021-096

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Zhihua Qu, Ph.D.
Wei Sun, Ph.D.
Ying Xu, Ph.D.
Inalvis Alvarez-Fernandez
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Key Points

  • Software simulation system for electric power grid distribution
  • Built on OpenDSS


The University of Central Florida invention is a Multi-Agent Open Distribution System Simulator (MA‐OpenDSS). The invention is built on OpenDSS and incorporates asynchronous local communication, dynamic behaviors of distributed resources, and a host of distributed optimization and control algorithms. This software has applications in electric power systems and utility industries.


  • Effective, open‐source tool to conduct simulations of distributed energy resources (DERs) and their controls, distribution and/or transmission networks
  • Enables the development of advanced distribution management system functions

Market Application

  • Power system researchers
  • Utility and industry engineers