Night-Vision Goggles in the Form of Eyeglasses

Technology #2021-073

Key Points

  • A night-vision enabling flat lens
  • Offers an all-optical implementation of night-vision, without need of any bulky optical system


The invention developed by the University of Central Florida and Massachusetts Institute of Technology is a night-vision enabling flat lens made of a metamaterial consisting of the following:

  • A heterostructure of single or multilayer graphene
  • Nonlinear 2D material or nonlinear 3D thin film
  • Au or Ag nanodisk or nanocube array for focusing

The flat lens enables all-optical night-vision in the form of eyeglasses without the need for any bulky optical system, electronic transduction and internal screen.


  • Upconversion from all infrared bands to the visible range
  • Flat lens creates very little torque on the neck of the wearer

Market Application

  • Ultralight, coherent broadband 3D color night-vision systems in the form of eyeglasses