Ultrashort Pulse Field Measurement Device

Technology #2021-066

Key Points

  • Diagnostic device to measure electric field waveforms of ultrashort laser pulses
  • Allows measurements to be performed for a single laser shot
  • Enables optical detection using crystals without phase matching or electrical detection via photoconductivity in commercial charge-coupled detectors (CCDs) or photodiodes


The University of Central Florida invention is a system for measuring the electric field (amplitude and phase) of a femtosecond laser pulse, consisting of a spatial filter, a beam splitter, an optical delay line, a cylindrical or spherical focusing element, and a detector. The detector can consist of either (a) a transparent crystal, a set of imaging lenses, and a spectrometer (or spectral filter and camera); (b) an integrated circuit-based image sensor (for example, a CCD or CMOS sensor); (c) a photodiode. The configurable system operates in either of two modes: 1) a "scanning" mode, in which it detects the optical and/or electrical signals as a function of the position of the delay line, or 2) in a "single-shot" mode, in which it maps the time-dependent pulse onto a spatially-varying signal.