Chaperonin-Containing TCP-1 Inhibitors for the Treatment of Cancer

Technology #2021-065

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Annette Khaled, Ph.D.
Patent Protection

US Patent Pending

Key Points

  • Chaperonin-Containing TCP1 (CCT), specifically the subunit CCT2, is new molecular target for cancer for whch therapeutics and diagnostics can be developed
  • Could be used both as a frontline treatment and a secondary treatment for patients that develop drug resistance
  • Abstract

    The University of Central Florida invention relates to a new cancer molecular target, Chaperonin-Containing TCP1 (CCT), specifically the subunit CCT2. CCT2 is a potential oncogene that could 1) be therapeutically targeted for cancer treatment and/or 2) serve as a biomarker for cancer diagnosis and patient monitoring.