Method for Isolating Copper Vias from Glass Interposers for Microscale Mechanical Properties Measurements

Technology #11549

Key Points

  • A novel method for isolating a pristine copper sample from glass for mechanical testing
  • Less complex than existing methods, requiring less effort and time
  • No need for special equipment


The University of Central Florida invention describes a method for isolating copper (Cu) through-glass vias (TGVs) from a glass interposer substrate for measuring mechanical properties, structural and morphological TGV evaluation, or microstructural TGV evaluation. A multi-stepped process is used to isolate freestanding Cu vias from the as-electroplated copper TGVs, which are embedded in the glass substrate. The procedure involves mounting the sample in epoxy, processing from the backside of the mounted sample to bring the TGVs to the desirable length, and removal of the glass to yield pristine freestanding copper vias.