Low Cost, Real-Time PCR Device

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Example of a 3D-manufactured, portable qPCR device.
Brian Kim, Ph.D.
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Invention Enables Quick, Custom 3D Manufacturing of Low-Cost, Portable qPCR Medical Devices for Diagnosing HIV, Malaria and Other Infectious Diseases

UCF researchers have developed a portable, low-cost qPCR device that can be customized and 3D- manufactured. Compared to current PCR instruments (which are expensive and require complex maintenance), UCF’s device is cheaper to manufacture and maintain, and can be used in the field. For example, healthcare workers can use the new device for home health diagnostics or at remote locations that do not have laboratory access. As well, the new qPCR device is ideal for laboratory use, but at a much lower cost. Since current PCRs can be cost-prohibitive, medical diagnoses typically rely on less expensive tests, which lack accuracy and quantification. The new invention offers a clear solution to such cost and accessibility issues.

Technical Details

The invention encompasses a portable, battery-operated qPCR device and 3D manufacturing methods. An example device is 12 × 7 × 6 cm3 in size with a mass of only 214 g. Other models are available.


  • Low cost and low maintenance
  • Portable and battery-operated
  • Ideal for field use—provides accessibility of PCR instrumentation for rapid on-site medical diagnosis in resource-limited settings
  • 3D printing enables fabrication of custom-designed parts without the need for advanced manufacturing infrastructure or equipment